A Reiki treatment will be different for each recipient, depending on their individual requirements. The treatment begins with a consultation, followed by 45 minutes of Reiki healing.
A treatment at the clinic costs £35.
Private readings £30 for half hour.
I also offer readings by phone, skype and email

Life purpose reading

Every wondered why you're here? What your purpose is? What you're supposed to be doing? If you're like most people, probably every day!
By using your unique date of birth, I can look into your life purpose, unique skills and talents that you might not be using, challenges on your path and how to overcome them.
Life purpose reading £60
This reading is very in depth and will be emailed to you. Get answers to those burning questions today.

Sound therapy

Feeling out of balance? Emotional? Tired? Not feeling like yourself.
When our chakras, or energy centres become unbalanced, there are a few beneficial therapies that we can use to bring us back into balance..
Sound is a very powerful healing tool that works on blocked or dysfunctional energy systems. We can use sound to bring the chakra system of the body back into balance.This ancient holistic healing method dates back thousands of years and is used in modern medicine today
A sound therapy session last approx. one hour, including initial consultation.

Sound therapy £35

Crystal therapy involves the placement of specific crystals along the chakras to bring them back into balance and clear any stagnant energy. 
A crystal therapy session lasts approx. 45 minutes, including consultation.
Crystal therapy £35

Colour therapy involves the use of colour to bring the chakras back in to alignment.  Colour is a powerful tool to enhance our moods and raise our spirits.A colour therapy session lasts approx. 1 hour, including consultation.
Colour therapy £45